About Nakono

Founded in 2003 Nakono is an industry research firm.

We focus on how digital technology and the Internet are transforming media, consumer devices and communications.

Examples of markets where we have developed deep expertise include OTT internet television, social networking, eBooks, digital newspapers, tablets, mobile advertising, social commerce, digital music and connected TV.

We offer three products:

  • Markets: 15 in-depth management reports covering disruptive technology markets.
  • Companies: Comprehensive operating data and analysis for 20 of the largest listed companies in the technology sector.
  • TekCarta: A continuously-updated online research portal including data, profiles, forecasts and more.

Latest Research Report

Driverless and Driver-assisted Cars

From low-profile testing on deserted airfields to mass deployment

  • Comprehensive analysis
  • All the leading auto makers
  • Google, Tesla, Apple and Nvidia
  • Impact on incumbent industries
  • 105 pages
  • Current capabilities

This report will take you on a guided tour of the driverless car and driver-assisted car markets. The report explains what all the major actors are doing and where they are headed while also presenting a detailed description of what the future will look like when the thought of driving a car to work will seem as strange as the thought of lighting a fire in order to cook a meal.


Recent Research Reports

Smart Homes: Clear Potential, But Too Many Cooks?

With fragmentation rife, and the leading vendors determined to go it alone progress will be slow

  • Profiles of 33 smart homes vendors
  • Market forecasts (expenditure & installed base)
  • Detailed use cases & value analysis
  • Clear market segmentation
  • 211 pages, 61 tables & figures
  • Powerful vision for future

Over the Top (OTT) Internet Television: Best Years Lie Ahead

Why the future of television distribution will increasingly involve the Internet

  • Very detailed forecasts
  • 47 countries from 2005 to 2020
  • Impact on Pay-TV
  • Impact on broadcast TV and DVD/Blu-ray
  • Profiles of leading OTT services
  • 154 pages

Online Advertising: Edge of the Abyss?

An analysis of the problems, solutions & what it will look like in the future

  • Clear explanation of the major problems
  • Detailed description of latest industry solutions
  • Main thematic changes described
  • Analysis of how the industry will change
  • Powerful, illuminating insights
  • 46 pages