About Nakono

Founded in 2003 Nakono is an industry research firm.

We focus on how digital technology and the Internet are transforming media, consumer devices and communications.

Examples of markets where we have developed deep expertise include OTT internet television, social networking, eBooks, digital newspapers, tablets, mobile advertising, social commerce, digital music and connected TV.

We offer three products:

  • Markets: 15 in-depth management reports covering disruptive technology markets.
  • Companies: Comprehensive operating data and analysis for 20 of the largest listed companies in the technology sector.
  • TekCarta: A continuously-updated online research portal including data, profiles, forecasts and more.

Latest Research Report

Artificial Intelligence Demystified

At last – a clear explanation of what separates dumb computers from intelligent machines

  • A new way to understand what AI is
  • Clear explanations that work
  • How AI arose and what is
  • A new definition for machine intelligence (AI)
  • Explains term like weak AI, strong AI, AGI in a new way
  • The difference between machine and human intelligence.

We have used a new approach to answer the most complex and intractable questions in the field of artificial intelligence. Our process has been to analyze the evolution of computer technology from the transistor, which was invented in 1947, to the most powerful AI systems in the world today.


Recent Research Reports

Drones: Here’s One Way To Build A Recharging Network

The market for commercial drones will never get really big without a global network of recharging stations

  • Market vision for drones
  • The recharging problem
  • Description of solution
  • Revenue opportunity
  • Advantages
  • Outline description

GDP Cannot Explain The Digital Economy

The world’s primary measure of growth is largely irrelevant for the most important part of economy

  • Clear definitions: GDP & digital economy
  • 5 Major limitations of GDP
  • Using GDP to measure the digital economy
  • By how much does GDP underestimate the size of the digital economy?
  • Consensus value of the digital economy
  • True value of the digital economy

Over the Top (OTT) Internet Television: Best Years Lie Ahead

Why the future of television distribution will increasingly involve the Internet

  • New sections on regulation and market consolidation
  • Forecasts 47 countries from 2005 to 2020
  • Impact on Pay-TV
  • Impact on broadcast TV and DVD/Blu-ray
  • Profiles of leading OTT services
  • 170 pages