This section of TekCarta contains 200+ detailed analyses for a representative sample of the 10s of thousands of companies, products and services that comprise the digital economy worldwide.

Each analysis includes information about the ownership and structure of the company, financial data and M&A activity, details of key products, services, competitive information, market data and proprietary analysis.


Key Benefits

  • Navigate the whole digital economy: We have reviewed the digital economy and selected a representative sample of a few hundred key products, services and companies which together provide the information and insight needed for the majority of research requirements;

  • Just the right level of detail: Averaging 5-pages per profile, each company profile is easy to use: profiles are concise enough to allow you to quickly find what you need, short enough to allow you to paste the content into your document - but long enough to contain detailed information and analysis;

  • Self-contained: All profiles include: (i) company-level information (e.g. relevant history, background, financial details and M&A activity); (ii) product/service-level information; (iii) relevant market data and (iv); main competitors, and (v) insightful, hard-hitting analysis. The profiles contained in this section provide industry professionals with the information that they need: the complete picture;

  • Comprehensive: It takes our team of professional research analysts an average of 8 hours to prepare each profile – with some profiles taking up to 20 hours. In order to condense all the relevant information into one concise document our analysts will look at a range of information sources including company press releases, SEC filings, annual reports, trade publications, product data sheets & operating manuals and reliable news sources.

    For listed companies you will frequently find a one-page Excel spreadsheet that summarises the company's financial performance for the last five years – including segment data, gross margins, customer numbers and other parameters important to those conducting industry research.


Spanning the globe, the digital economy includes 10s of thousands of companies that are active in over 30 industries. By any standard this is a huge, complex sector.

But just as an accurate analysis of a patient’s blood is possible by taking a small sample, it is possible to achieve an accurate analysis of the Digital Economy without having to analyse every single company: the representative sample of companies included in TekCarta is adequate for most research projects.

When we analyse a segment within the digital economy, for instance tablets, we invest a significant amount of time identifying what we consider to be the most important products, services and therefore companies. The companies included in this section of TekCarta range from tiny start-ups that we feel have transformative potential, to listed corporations whose activities span the globe.

Especially for corporations whose financial reporting and business activities are frequently complex, we make sure that our analysis of the product/service we are focusing on (e.g. Xbox, YouTube) is presented within the context of the whole company (e.g. Microsoft, Google respectively). This allows the reader to appreciate how the product/service fits into the wider company and therefore the market as a whole.

Sample Content

The companies section of TekCarta currently contains over 200 profiles like the following 3 profiles which you can download now:

Mobile Advertising

Over the Top (OTT) Internet TV

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble

You can view each company profile in a web browser, either one page at a time, or on a single web page or you can download complete profiles in PDF format.