The digital economy contains 10’s of thousands of companies that are active in over 30 industry sectors. Ranging in size from tiny start-ups to major global corporations, this bewildering kaleidoscope of market participants is distributed across the globe and keeping track of them all is a significant task.

This section of TekCarta lists the key players operating in the key markets of the digital economy - in a directory format. Initially containing 20 industry directories each of which includes entries for 68 countries, this section of TekCarta includes over 3,500 companies, industry associations, trade groups and consortia.


Key Benefits

  • Identify the key players in a sector: This knowledge can be very useful if you are looking to understand the size of a market, if you need to research a sector in detail or you just need a list of companies for a business meeting;

  • Develop new business partnerships: If you are looking to develop relationships with other companies, perhaps within your own sector and maybe in another country, then you will find the information you need to get you started here;

  • Understand opaque markets: Some of the markets included in this section, for instance music collecting societies, have traditionally conducted their affairs out of the limelight, which can make it tricky to properly identify all the players. But the directory section of TekCarta lists and describes them all;

  • Identify sales prospects: If your business sells to other companies then you will find this section of TekCarta very useful for identifying targeted sales prospects.


Some of the information contained in this section has resulted from our analysts curating public domain information which we check and improve. For example, we find that some companies are not very good at clearly explaining what they do. In such cases, we will analyse the company's business and then write a clear description of the business, entering that information in the 'Description' field for that company.

A considerable amount of the information contained in this section is the result of our own research activities. For example, contained in this section of TekCarta you will find a directory listing over 350 over-the-top (OTT) internet television service providers. As part of our research work, we have needed to identify these companies and hence have created a dedicated directory that lists them all.

We check all address and contact details at the time of creating a new record and re-check & update this information on an annual basis. Note that any email addresses included in this section are already in the public domain. In order to ensure that these email addressed cannot easily be harvested by spammers, our website uses obscuration technology so that the email addresses you can see are not readable by any email address harvesting programs.

Sample Content

Growing every day, TekCarta currently contains 3,500 entries grouped into 20 directories which are presented in the following format:

Pay-TV (Cable Network Operators)
Internet Users