Market forecasts are absolutely fundamental to every business. Forecasts allow businesses the world over to define operational objectives, measure execution effectiveness and plan for the future.

This section of TekCarta contains 1,000s of easy-to-use market forecasts that together cover all the major aspects of the digital economy.

Each forecast is provided in two formats: a handy .jpg that you can copy and paste into your document, webpage, blog or sharing site and a companion Excel file that you can download and paste into your own spreadsheet.


Key Benefits

  • Breadth: The forecasts offered in this section already cover a broad area. As our research coverage increases further over the coming years, we will offer market forecasts for every segment within the digital economy;

  • Get the complete picture - online & offline, digital & physical: When we analyse a market within the digital economy such as mobile advertising, we do not simply prepare a mobile advertising forecast and leave it at that. Instead, we will first look at the whole advertising market, then the online advertising market and then the mobile advertising market - and we will then provide you will all three forecasts, so you have the complete picture.

    As another example, you will be able to easily compare the markets for printed books with eBooks, or printed newspapers with digital newspaper subscriptions, or smart TV shipments with total TV shipments, and so on.

    This approach provides you with a superb way of understanding how a given market within the digital economy compares with the equivalent physical market;

  • Consistency: All our forecasts have been prepared to lock together to provide you with a complete numerical representation of the digital economy. We are constantly sanity-checking and cross-referencing our forecasts so that users can perform their own calculations using our data with confidence;

  • Easy to use, easy to share: We encourage you to share our charts with others by simply copying .jpg files into your document, blog, website or favourite sharing site. For the benefit of your readers, all our charts incorporate a unique web link which is printed in the lower right hand corner and which will allow all downstream readers to easily find the source document on our website and download the associated data in Excel;
  • Self-contained: Each chart contains the publication date, relevant source notes, methodological details and a clear definition, so it is clear exactly what the chart refers to;
  • Download as Excel: With one click you can download the source Excel file which contains all the original formatting and data.


Every strategic plan, annual budget and business case ultimately boils down to a set of market forecasts that attempt to quantify what will happen in the future.

But a market forecast is simply a set of numbers: the 'real' forecast is embodied in the underlying assumptions: about how the market has been in the past, how it is now and how it will evolve in the future. For instance, how will competitors respond to the introduction of a new pricing strategy? How quickly will the market for a new product category develop? How will customers respond to the introduction of a new product? How long will it take for the usual limitations in the first release of a product to be ironed out? What will be the lowest long run manufacturing cost of a new product? At what level will retail gross margins stabilise?

Therefore, our forecasting methodology starts with developing a deep understanding of the market under consideration so we can answer questions like these, and many more besides. We accomplish this by using a '3D' approach, which is to look at the market from three perspectives: the companies involved in the market, the countries where the market is developing and the business aspects that define how the market will develop.

We then write a list of the factors that will affect the market's growth – some supply side and some demand side – and then write down a list of key questions for each factor. The next stage is to answer each question but having conducted the baseline research including 20 or so company profiles, 15 or more country profiles and having looked in detail at the business aspects relevant for the market, we feel we are in a good a position to provide sensible answers to these questions.

At this point we will be able to produce a market narrative, which is a document that 'tells the story' of how the market will develop. In our experience, it is simply unfeasible to prepare a sensible market forecast for a new technology market without having gone through a process like this.

It is only at this point, after we have developed a solid baseline understanding of the market using these three perspectives and after we have developed a market 'story book' that we are ready to begin the process of preparing a numerical representation of our analysis and assumptions.

You can read more about our market forecasting methodology here.

Sample Content

Growing every day, TekCarta currently contains over 2,000 forecast charts and tables like these:

Social Commerce
Worldwide Revenues
Internet Users

Mobile Advertising
Expenditure, Poland
Fixed Broadband Subscriptions per Household

Worldwide Revenue Growth Scenarios
Internet Users

OTT Internet Television
Weekly Viewing Hours
Fixed Broadband Subscriptions per Household