We envisage signficant growth in our team in 2013 and beyond. We are therefore interested in receiving applications from well-qualified candidates who want to join a fast-growing technology research company. All our staff are home-based and work as part of a virtual, global team. We would be keen to hear from you if your field of expertise falls into one of the following areas:


Head of Market Forecasting

Nakono has developed a number of proprietary market forecast models that together cover a diverse range of technology markets.

As our research coverage increases in breadth and depth, we will be looking to create a centralised and continuously updated market forecasting resource that will be accessible online by our staff and clients.

You will need extensive experience in forecasting fast-moving, complex technology markets where there is often no historic data and you will likely face considerable difficulty in identifying representative markets that can be used for benchmarking purposes.

Naturally you will be well-versed in the use of EXCEL to analyse large datasets that encompass multiple countries and many years. This role demands great attention to detail and the ability to focus on developing and perfecting complex EXCEL models.

You will need to be experienced with ‘bottom-up’ and ‘top-down’ market forecasting methodologies and we will expect you to bring your own forecasting techniques which will complement those which we already use.

Associate Country Analysts

We are looking for individuals with a deep understanding of local technology markets and who have lived and worked in those markets for many years. You would be using your expert knowledge to prepare country-level profiles for the technology markets that we cover.

Whether it is Brazil, Poland, Thailand, Japan or Australia, you will have an in-depth understanding of the technology, media and telecoms markets in your own country down to a very detailed level. You will also have a genuine interest in these markets and how they are developing. Fluent in the local language, you will be an avid reader of general and specialist news publications covering developments in the technology, media and  telecoms sectors. You will have extensive knowledge of where to source key data and market information. This role will require you to work quickly and efficiently in order to prepare and write detailed, accurate market profiles in good English.

You might already be a professional technology writer or you might be someone who works in the technology, media or telecoms sector and who wants to undertake some part-time technology writing. Either way, you must already have extensive knowledge of your local market.


Web Developers and Programmers

Perhaps unusually for a research firm, Nakono is actively involved in web development and software engineering - and far beyond what is required for this website which we have developed ourselves.

We are working on two significant back-end applications, one of which will be completed in mid-2013 and the other of which will be started in 2H13. This will be major new project that will require several years of continuous, leading-edge work. We also envisage adding a considerable number of new feature to our content portal which we see becoming a major, socially-distributed information resource used by information professionals worldwide.

You would be joining our small but growing software team and would be working on leading-edge software.

The sort of programming skills we are looking for include:

  • Experience with MySQL and PHP.
  • Experience with handling Debian/Linux server administration (e.g. managing remote virtual and dedicated servers and software development using a Linux CLI).
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C# and Python.
  • Experience with the key functionalities offered by third-party open-source CMS products. Either large-scale systems (e.g. Joomla or Drupal), smaller-scale post-based systems (e.g. WordPress or Movable Type), or (preferably) experience with the design and development of significantly complex bespoke CMS products.
  • SEO experience using strictly ‘white hat’ techniques.
  • Text-based information retrieval and search-engine development using frameworks such as Lucene.

Apart from being able to demonstrate the requisite technical skills, you will need experience in home-based working - which does not suit everyone.

Communication is an absolutely critical part of this role: we have found that it is very easy for requirements to be mis-communicated or mis-understood and we have also found that development projects have a natural tendency to head off in spurious directions unless a special effort is made to actively communicate. You will be interfacing with your manager via skype and email on a semi-daily basis and you should come to view 3-hour phone and video sessions are normal. This is by no means a 'hands-off' development role: you should expect very detailed requirements documentation, in-depth joint discussion of requirements, detailed project  planning and architecture definition and rigorous testing during the integration phase.

You will also be expected to keep your manager and, where relevant, other developers fully updated on progress at your end and you will need to pro-actively reach out to other team members to resolve questions quickly.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing Executive

You will be accountable for conducting weekly email marketing campaigns using software that we have developed in house. Your role will also encompass creating weekly management reports to track campaign effectiveness. Our email marketing software is integrated with our website which will allow you to perform detailed forensic analysis of the entire process from the point the email is sent to the point where the user leaves our website.

Another aspect of your role will be to collate and analyse data that we collect concerning the traffic that comes to our website, and especially our Portal. We will want to know which parts of the portal are receiving the most traffic and why.

Your role will also include developing a deep understanding of our users, customers and subscribers, specifically what they like about or products and services and areas where there are opportunities to improve and further develop our proposition. You will be responsible for defining new requirements for the portal and our website and also our email marketing platform, while working closely with our software development team to ensure that new features are fully implemented and properly tested.

Additional responsibilities will include managing and developing relationships with our reseller partners as well as other business partnerships and developing relationships with key media, press and other online properties for the purposes of joint marketing.

Sales Executive

You will be accountable for managing all customer enquiries from the point when they first arrive to the point when they are fully closed.

Enquiries might arise following an email campaign or as a result of an enquiry we receive from a user who has visited out website. The enquiry might be about a specific report, where the customer might be asking questions about payment options, or the enquiry might be of a general nature, asking about a report that has already been purchased. You will have to field enquires about our subscription products as well.

This is a home-based role where you will be engaging via email and phone with senior-level representatives in a very diverse range of companies. Your written and spoken English will need to be exemplary.

You will need to be able to demonstrate a proven track record in home-based distance selling of information-based products and subscriptions. The role demands a high level of personal organisation and efficiency: at any one time you will be managing a large number of active sales leads each of which will be at a different stage.

Your remuneration will include a commission aspect where the more you sell the more you will earn: there will be no limit to the commission you can earn or to your total earnings.

As we conduct our business globally you will need to be willing to engage with prospects and clients in a timely manner when they reach out to us. This will mean having to be emailing early in the morning, late at night and sometimes over the weekend. However, the bulk of your work would of course be during normal business hours.

Most of your work will be based on enquiries that we receive, which are the best form of lead. After all of your active leads have been fully progressed, any remaining time will be used to develop new business with a select number of clients where the objective will be to sell corporate subscriptions.

To apply for any of thes positions please contact us attaching your CV and a covering letter.

We apologise but we are not interested in approaches from agencies.