Ordering Using a Purchase Order: Details

If you wish to order by this method then here are the normal steps:

Raise Purchase Order (PO)

You first have to raise a formal Purchase Order (PO) which involves filling out a form (paper or electronic - depending on the process used at your end). It will take you about 5 minutes to complete the form.

Please make sure your PO contains the following minimum information:

  • Official Purchase Order (PO) number
  • Full company name (including correct legal suffix e.g. Ltd, LLC, Inc., SA, doo, GmbH etc)
  • Company address (for invoicing purposes)
  • Recipient’s details: The name and email address of the person who has requested the report/s (we will email the report/s to this person)
  • The report title/s you want to purchase (see www.nakono.com/reports)
  • The correct price and currency (see www.nakono.com/reports)
  • The email address where we need to send our invoice (Note: we cannot send invoices by post)

You may encounter a problem at this first stage: your company’s internal procurement process may mean that it is only possible to order goods from company-approved suppliers. If this is the case, and we are not already in your system as an approved supplier, then you will need to contact your Vendor Management department (normally part of the Procurement division) and explain your desire to purchase our report. Your Vendor Management department will then send us a number of forms which we will have to complete and return. Your Vendor Management department will then approve our application to be a supplier and enter our company details into your order management system. At this point you will be able to raise a Purchase Order.

Get PO Approved

The PO then needs to be approved. If you have authority for the purchase then you will be able to approve it yourself, otherwise you will need to check who needs to approve the PO and they will all need to approve it. In some cases a single purchase is split between multiple departments and this can complicate the approval process. Depending on your company, the approval process can take a while.

An approved PO means that your company has allocated money for your purchase, so that when our invoice arrives we will be paid.

Email your PO

Your purchasing department will normally do this for you using the details you have entered on your order management system. When we receive the PO we know that we will get paid and we can email your report/s.

You will receive your report/s

You will receive your report within one working day of us receiving your PO. The recipient identified on the PO will receive an email that will contain a download link/s which you can use to download your report/s.

We send our invoice by email

We will put your PO number on our invoice which will then be emailed it to the email address shown on your PO.

We get paid

You or your company will then be obliged to settle our invoice within no more than 60 working days.

Please note that all invoices must be settled by electronic transfer: we do not accept cheques.