Artificial Intelligence: Practical Applications

50 ways AI is being used to reduce costs and increase revenues

About this Market
While AI remains an emotive topic and raises awkward questions about how close engineers will get to replicating human-level intelligence, such questions are irrelevant for the purposes of this report.

Here, we are not interested in what may or may not be possible in the future – we want to define what can be done today.

The surprisingly broad range of applications included in this report, clearly demonstrates that AI is already being used by many companies - but more than that: practically every industry is involved and all parts of the value chain are involved too.

This report explains in very clear terms exactly where and how AI is being used and will serve as a valuable ‘cook-book’ which you can use to identify how you might apply AI in your own business today.

Report Content
This report contains 50 detailed case studies that explain in practical terms how and where AI is being used today, both within the enterprise and also in terms of consumer-facing products and services.

The report contains a detailed introduction that explains in very clear terms where the AI market is today and how the key enabling technologies will evolve.

In addition, throughout the report you will find extensive analysis and descriptions of how many of the application areas will develop in the future.

This report presents detailed examples of how AI is being used in the following 50 areas:

Anomaly Detection Person Recognition
Automated Ordering Improving Customer Engagement
Business Analytics Machine-based Conversation
Click Prediction Managing Review Quality
Comment Analysis Managing Stock Levels
Commercial Writing Marketing Automation
Consumer Finance Military Strategy Forecasting
Content Customisation Music Creation
Credit Scoring Music Recommendation
Criminal Profiling Natural Language Recognition
Customer Engagement Personality Profiling
Demand Forecasting Police Investigations
Diet Management Prediction
Digital Assistants Retail
Document Search Sales Lead Management
Drone Deliveries Self-driving Cars
Drug Development Skin Cancer Diagnosis
Education Social Networking
Environmental Management Speech Creation
Food  Development Speech Recognition
Food  Production Speech-to-Speech Translation
Fraud Detection Sports Coverage
Games & Toys Staffing
Gesture Control Stock Trading
Home Environment Control Weaponized AIs
Household Robots  


Setting the scene9

Where is AI technology today?11

Cloud AI not robots12

Will AI reach a technological plateau?14

50 Practical Applications of AI Today17

Anomaly Detection17

Automated Ordering17



Business Analytics18

Click Prediction19

Consumer Finance19

Content Customisation20

Comment Analysis21

Commercial Writing21

Credit Scoring22

Criminal Profiling23

Customer Engagement24

Demand Forecasting25

Diet Management26

Document Search27

Drone Deliveries28

Drug Development30


Environmental Management32

Food  Development33

Food  Production34

Fraud Detection35

Games & Toys35

Gesture Control36

Home Environment Control37

Image, Person and Video Recognition38

Improving Customer Engagement41

Machine-based Conversation42

Managing Review Quality43

Managing Stock Levels43

Marketing Automation44

Military Strategy Forecasting45

Music Recommendation and Music Creation46

Music Recommendation46

Music Creation47

Natural Language Recognition47

Digital Assistants48



Personality Profiling51

Police Investigations52


Amazon Machine Learning53


Further Examples54




Household Robots59

Weaponized AIs: Robots and Drones61


Sales Lead Management64

Self-driving Cars65



Skin Cancer Diagnosis68

Social Networking – Posthumous Posts69

Sports Coverage70

Speech Creation71

Speech Recognition71

Speech-to-Speech Translation72



Sector-wide Impacts73

What Sort of Jobs Might be Replaced by Machines in the Future?74

Will Machines Ever be Able to Replicate the ‘Spontaneous Creativity’ of Humans?76

How Many Jobs Could be Replaced by Machines?78

How to Launch a New Company with 6 Staff in a Few Hours with Start-up Capital of Just $10078

What Impact Would Machines Have on the Global Economy?79

So What Does it All Mean?79

Stock Trading80

Wearable Tech81



About the Authors86

Sara Foster86

Andrew Sheehy86

Report Highlights

  • 50 detailed examples
  • 32 industries covered
  • All parts of the value chain
  • Supporting analysis
  • 85 pages
  • Actionable insights

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