Artificial Intelligence: Products You Can Use Today

A practical review of what the leading players in AI are offering

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More has been invested in AI research in the last 5 years than in the preceding 20 years – and more progress has been made in the last 5 years than in the preceding 20 years.

The result has been an explosion of AI-based capabilities which are now being deployed within the enterprise and as part of services which are being provided to consumers.

The commercial value that will be unlocked by the mass scale deployment of artificial intelligence will in the long run be at least as big as the entire Internet economy today, which represents about 7% of global GDP.

There is little doubt that AI represents the next major ‘wave’ of disruption which is headed not only for the digital economy – but the whole economy, and no company can risk being left behind.

Report Content
Delivered in the form of a 125-page management report , this research covers the major companies, products and services within the rapidly evolving AI sector. The report includes:

  • Detailed profiles of Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft and Samsung
  • Details on an additional 47 companies
  • Detailed information on 63 AI products and programs
  • 20 case studies which how AI is being used today
  • Detailed analysis of the AI market, both as it stands today and how it will evolve in the future.

This report contains the following main sections:

Executive Summary

Leading Cloud AI Vendors


Case Studies: 20 Practical Applications of AI

Market Analysis

Why AI?
Competitive Landscape
Key Market Trends


This report contains detailed profiles on 8 companies and summary information and insights on a further 47 companies:

Major Companies Profiled:
Additional Companies Included:
AlchemyAPI Oculus 
BookLamp PrimeSense
Boston Dynamics Quest Visual
Bot & Dolly Quietside
Butterfly Software Reactor Inc
Cloudant Redwood Robotics
Coherent Navigation Revolution Analytics
Dark Blue Labs Semetric
DNNresearch Silverpop
D-Wave Systems SmartThings
Enswers Spotsetter
Flutter Star Analytics
Holomni StoredIQ
Industrial Perception Surreal Vision 
Jetpac The Now Factory
Kenexa UBER
MarketPilot Vicarious
Meka Robots Videosurf
Metaio Vision Factory



You will find detailed information on the following 63 AI products, services and programs: 

AI Products & Programmes:
Alexa IBM Health Cloud
Amazon Machine Learning IBM Quantum Computing
Amazon Prime Air. Microsoft Machine Learning
Amazon Redshift Microsoft Deep Learning Technology Center (DLT)
Amazon Relational Database Serviced (RDS) Microsoft Kinect
Amazon Simple storage Service (S3) Minecraft
Apple HealthKit Musicmetric
Apple HomeKit Phoenix Nest
Apple Music Project Adam
Apple ResearchKit Roboray
Azure Machine Learning SAMI
Baidu Eye Samsung Digital Health Initiative
Baidu Mobile Assistant Simband
China Brain Siri
Cognitive Computing Skype Translator
Cortana Smart Autofill Addon
Deep Image Smart Home Software Protocol (SHP)
DeepMind DQN Smart Lighting Platform
DeepQA StockMaster
Echo StreetView
Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) SyNAPSE
Facebook Infer Torch
Google Brain Vlingo
Google Glass Watson Analytics
Google Nanoparticle Platform Watson Discovery Advisor
Google Now Watson Engagement Advisor
Google Prediction API Watson Explorer
Google Quantum AI programme Watson for Clinical Trial Matching
Google X Watson Oncology
HoloLens Watson Personality Insights
Human Computer Interface Group  


Far from being something that might be important sometime in the future, this report clearly demonstrates that companies in all sectors of the economy are actively working with the leading vendors to integrate AI-based features into their internal operations and products and services right now. 

The report includes the following 20 examples where this is happening today:

Click Prediction Food  Development
Content Customisation Skin Cancer Diagnosis
Comment Analysis Image and Person Recgonition
Credit Scoring Improving Customer Engagement
Criminal Profiling Machine-based Conversation
Customer Engagement Managing Review Quality
Demand Forecasting Managing Stock levels
Diet Management Marketing Automation
Drug Development Personal Assistants
Fraud Detection Retail


Executive Summary6

Why AI?6

Examples of AI Being Used Today7

Positioning of Leading AI Players8









Leading Cloud AI Vendors23



Key AI-related Developments24

Amazon Machine Learning25


Amazon Prime Air28


Outline & Analysis30

Key Announcements31

AI Acquisitions32

Personal Assistant: Siri33

Smart Home Initiative34

Digital Health35

Developer Access35

Relationship with IBM... 35


Outline & Analysis37

Key Announcements39

AI Acquisitions40

Key Product Initiatives40


Outline & Analysis43

Key AI-related Developments44

AI Acquisitions45

Examples of Ongoing AI Research45

Developer Access47


Outline & Analysis48

Key AI-related Developments53

AI Acquisitions57

Selected Products59

Developer Access62

IBM... 63

Outline & Analysis63

AI Acquisitions64

AI Research Programmes – Example Domains66

Watson Analytics72

Watson Oncology73

Watson for Clinical Trial Matching73

Watson Engagement Advisor74

Watson Explorer75

Watson Discovery Advisor76

Watson Personality Insights77

Developer Access77


Outline & Analysis78

Key AI-related Developments79

AI Acquisitions82

Selected Products83

Developer Access85


Outline & Analysis86

Selected Key Announcements88

AI Acquisitions89

Examples of Ongoing AI Research90

Developer Access95

20 Practical Applications of AI Today96

Click Prediction96

Content Customisation96

Comment Analysis97

Credit Scoring97

Criminal Profiling98

Customer Engagement99

Demand Forecasting100

Diet Management101

Drug Development101

Fraud Detection102

Food  Development103

Skin Cancer Diagnosis104

Image and Person Recgonition105

Improving Customer Engagement107

Machine-based Conversation108

Managing Review Quality109

Managing Stock levels109

Marketing Automation110

Personal Assistants111

Status Today111


Market Analysis114

Why AI?114

Enterprise BI functions are facing too much data and too much data complexity114

Strong trends towards hyper-personalised consumer services116

Sustainable economic growth will require accelerating our collective intelligence117

Competitive Landscape118

Key Market Trends123


Market Potential124

Multi-domain AIs125

About the Authors126

Andrew Sheehy126

Sara Foster126


Report Highlights

  • All major vendors included
  • 20 case studies: practical applications
  • 54 companies included
  • 62 AI products and programs
  • 125 pages, 22 figures
  • Detailed analysis and market insights

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