Augmented Reality: High Potential

How a range of emerging technologies will transform pretty much everything about the web

Most emerging technologies are over-hyped, with start-up CEOs, venture capitalists and the trade media usually working to create a wave of euphoria, which eventually breaks on the rocks of reality when people realize that the story doesn’t add up.

But Augmented Reality (AR) is a rare example of a technology that is, if anything, underhyped and the numerous detailed use cases, visualizations and analysis included in this report will demonstrate why.

Including detailed reviews of all the leading players and startups plus extensive analysis and deep insights this report shows why and how AR will utterly transform our interface with the web.

By enabling the ‘visual web’ AR will redefine how we interface with others and how we access digital content and services.

Most advertisers – being visual, creative people – are yet to fully appreciate just how different, and superior digital advertising will be with AR. And eCommerce, more properly viewed as vCommerce in an AR setting, will also be transformed with the arrival of holographic , artificially-intelligent sales assistants and conversational purchasing.

Meanwhile, a mature implementation of AR will  result in major downsizing of traditional physical screen markets, such as tablets, PCs, TV sets and even smartwatches.

While these bold statements might seem to epitomize the sort of hype we dismissed earlier, our analysis is that – this time – the hype is justified.

You owe it to yourself to read this report to understand why.

Magic Leap
Poklemon Go

Executive Summary5


Market Landscape: Leading Companies10


What we know in advance of a product announcement10




Google Glass13

AR Headset Programme14


Contact Lens Patent15




Launch Application #1: Actiongram17

Launch Application #1: HoloStudio18

Launch Application #3: HoloTour19

Launch Application #5: Roboraid20

Launch Application #6: Fragments21

User Interface21



Selected Start-ups26





Magic Leap35



Osterhout Design Group (ODG)41

Pokemon Go43



Future Applications of Augmented Reality48

Setting the Scene48


Civil Works54

Virtual Computer Interface56

Visual Web61

Virtual Advertising64

Virtual advertising: Direct response campaign - example #164

Virtual advertising: Direct response campaign - example #265

Virtual advertising: Brand advertising campaigns65

Virtual Commerce66

vCommerce: Example #166

vCommerce: Example #267

Virtual ‘People’69


Upcoming Disruption75


Figure 1: Evolution of AR headwear
Figure 2: Concept for how a virtual user interface could be overlaid on top of a smartwatch (courtesy: Blippar)
Figure 3: Google Glass
Figure 4: Microsoft HoloLens
Figure 5: James Mackie demonstrating the Microsoft HoloLens to interface with web and other computer functions
Figure 6: Detail of South Korean patent application by Samsung for a smart contact lens
Figure 7: Sony SmartEyeglass
Figure 8: Sony SmartEyeglass Attach (clip-on AR system)
Figure 9: Image taken from Sony Patent on a ‘contact lens’ that could record video
Figure 10: Atheer AiR Glass
Figure 11: Atheer AiR Glass – Examples Augmentation
Figure 12: How Augment can be used to bring a print campaign to life - Vespa scooter
Figure 13: Example of how Augment can allow users to see a 3D model of an item in a product catalogue
Figure 14: Augment B2B Sales App – Examples of how sales reps can use the Augment app to show how retail stands will appear in-store
Figure 15: Example of how brands can use Blippar to add interactivity to the  physical products
Figure 16: Using the Blippar app to access the ‘visual web’
Figure 17: Examples of how the Layar app can be used to add digital interactivity to print media.
Figure 18: The presence of the Layar logo makes users aware that a given print media is Layar enabled
Figure 19: Stills from a Magic Leap technology demonstration
Figure 20: C-3PO and R2-D2 walk through the user’s home
Figure 21: Meta 2 – not the need for a cable connection to a nearby PC
Figure 22: ODG R-7
Figure 23: ODG R-7 (Detail) – Note control buttons on the top and bottom of the frames
Figure 24: Pokemon Go (Niantic/Nintendo/the Pokemon Company)
Figure 25: Pokemon Go – Example Monsters (4 out of a total of about 720)
Figure 26: Snapchat Filters
Figure 27: Snapchat Geofilters
Figure 28: ViewAR  - User experience with app (architecture example)
Figure 29: ViewAR  - User experience with app (product and furnishings example)
Figure 30: Caterpillar’s trial implementation of Microsoft HoloLens – Stage #1 – User Sees 3D Model of the Digger
Figure 31: Caterpillar’s trial implementation of Microsoft HoloLens – Stage #2 – User Triggers a HoloLens Animation
Figure 32: Caterpillar’s trial implementation of Microsoft HoloLens – Stage #3 – User can now see and ‘walk around’ the digger which is now rendered at full size
Figure 33: Conceptual architectural design that suggested by Greg Lynn for transforming a abandoned car manufacturing plant in Detroit into a transport hub, industrial park, factory and university
Figure 34: Architect Greg Lynn taking a ‘tour’ inside the building he has created to see what if would look like from within
Figure 35: Example of using Autodesk CAD software with Microsoft HoloLens
Figure 36: View of a street prior to excavation activity (Courtesy: Bentley Research)
Figure 37: View of a street prior to excavation activity: Underground pipework revealed (Courtesy: Bentley Research)
Figure 38: Augmented Reality Allows important operational data to be added dynamically to a working quarry
Figure 39: Atheer AiR Glass – Examples Augmentation (courtesy Atheer).
Figure 40: Blippar concept for how a virtual user interface could be overlaid on top of a smartwatch and magazine
Figure 41: Apple Watch – Digital Crown
Figure 42: Working on a spreadsheet without a physical monitor (Courtesy: Sean Ong)
Figure 43: Inputting text without a physical keyboard
Figure 44: Visual Web Concept (Courtesy Blippar)
Figure 45: ViewAR  - User experience with app (product and furnishings example)
Figure 46: Hyper-real 3D model (not a real person)
Figure 47: Hyper-real 3D model in motion (not a real person)
Figure 48: Rendition quality of characters in Fragments (crime drama)
Figure 49: Dramatic improvement in size, weight and performance of mobile phones
Figure 50: Likely medium-term roadmap for AR headwear
Figure 51: Long term: Concepts for integration of AR functionality into contact lens
Figure 52: Blippar concept for how a virtual user interface could be overlaid on top of a smartwatch
Figure 53: Inputting text without a physical keyboard with HoloLens (Courtesy: Sean Ong)

Report Highlights

  • Profiles of the leading players
  • Detailed examples of what is possible today
  • Detailed description of what will become possible in the future
  • In-depth analysis of how AR technology will evolve
  • Impacts on physical screen markets
  • Powerful insights into where AR is headed and why

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