Netflix: The World's Largest Television Platform

Naysayers keep predicting an implosion. But nobody at Netflix is listening, and nor are the company’s users.

Netflix is already by far the largest television service provider in the world. With a strong position in a still-growing market and a profitable business model, the company's positioning could hardly be better.

Not only that, Netflix's pioneering approach of investing in own-branded, original content – much of which has attracted critical acclaim – is redefining what over-the-top (OTT) internet television service providers are supposed to do. Once perceived as mainly an aggregation play, Netflix and others are turning OTT into something far more interesting, while also posing a more serious threat to incumbent actors in the TV industry.

This report offers a detailed analysis of one of the most distinctive and highest-profile companies in the digital media landscape today. Complete with comprehensive analysis of the company's financial operating data, market forecasts and a hard-hitting, crystal clear analysis, the report delivers a wealth of insights.

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