Pandora Media: The Sun Is Setting And A Cold Night Awaits

As the world's first truly great music streaming service, Pandora has had the time and capital to become a global leader. But that chance has now gone.

Founded in 2000, Pandora Media is so well established that it almost seems part of the very fabric of the Internet. Indeed, many would find it hard to imagine the Internet without Pandora - especially the company's army of loyal users.

But let's be honest – Pandora's strategic positioning is very delicate: the company operates in a loss-making industry where nobody makes any money, offers a basic non-interactive service that has hardly changed since at least 2007 and is fixated on the US, whilst rivals are in a race to achieve scale by pursuing international strategies. And that's before we get to the question of what rate - three judges will decide - Pandora should pay the music industry for streaming its music. Pandora is by no means unfixable but the company needs more than a sticking plaster.

This report takes a detailed look at where Pandora is today, after 15 years, by looking at the market within which the company operates - music streaming services, a selection of key competitors and the key success factors in the music streaming business. The report also presents an analysis of what Pandora needs to do to turn losses into profits along with forecasts for Pandora's revenues and subscriber numbers to 2020.

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Title: Pandora Media: The Sun Is Setting And A Cold Night Awaits
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