Online Library


Over the last 9 years we have published over 100 reports which together offer over 5,600 pages of content. 

You can obtain instant, unlimited access to all these reports, including our most recent titles, by purchasing annual access to our Online Library. New reports are automatically added to the Online Library as they become available.

With access to the Online Library, anyone in your company would be able to create an account, visit our website, browse the Online Library and instantly download any number of PDF reports straight away (one download per report is permitted automatically. Additional downloads require manual approval). 

You would be able to distribute all of our reports as widely as you wanted within your organization. You would not need to worry about who is authorised to view content and who is not: if desired, all of your employees could read all of our reports. 

We offer very flexible Terms of Use but you should contact us if you have any unusual requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly Download Over 100 Reports: Instant online access to every report we have ever published, including our very latest reports. Over 100 reports encompassing more than 5,600 pages of content.
  • Easy Licensing: Unlimited, company-wide distribution.
  • Dramatic Cost Saving:  Compared with buying over 100 individual issues, the Online Library represents a huge cost saving.
  • Includes Annual Subscription to Digital Media InSight: Because new reports are added to the Online Library as they become available, you will automatically obtain access to all reports published during the year, thereby obviating the need for an Annual Subscription to Digital Media InSight.
  • Extended Analyst Support Package: Telephone and email-based access to Generator’s research analyst, including Andrew Sheehy, Chief Analyst.