What is TekCarta?

TekCarta is an online industry research and analysis service covering the technology sector.

Coverage includes critical markets such as: internet television, mobile, tablets, smart watches, digital newspapers, mobile advertising, social media and many more.

Encompassing over 5,000 pages of content and updated on a continuous basis, TekCarta is structured into 6 information modules:

Market Forecasts: 1000s of Charts and Tables

All Downloadable in Excel

eBook Unit Sales
Asia Pacific
2011 to 2016

Online Advertising Expenditure
Regional Breakdown
2012 to 2016

Mobile Advertising Expenditure
2011 to 2017

Newspaper Revenues
Digital Subscriptions
2012 to 2016

Worldwide Smart Watch Market
Retail Sales Volume
2013 to 2018

Worldwide Revenues
2013 to 2023

Facebook Users
United Kingdom
2012 and 2017

Printed Book Retail Revenues
Eastern Europe
2011 to 2016

IPTV Subscribers
Eastern Europe
2011 and 2016

TV Viewing Hours: OTT Internet Television
Regional Breakdown
2011 and 2016

Social Commerce Revenues
Asia Pacific
2012 and 2016

Number of Newspaper Subscriptions that are Digital
Regional Split
2011 and 2016

Company Profiles: 100s of Leading Tech Companies

All Downloadable in PDF

What's Included?

5,000 pages of data, forecasts, profiles & analysis on key technology markets.


1. Data

Parameters such as population, GDP, households, mobile penetration, internet users, PC users and TV households represent the foundation for any serious piece of work on the digital economy.

You can download 33 datasets like these in Excel format from this section of TekCarta. Including over 26,000 data points, these 33 datasets all cover the years 2000 to 2012 and include entries for the world's top 68 countries.

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2. Forecasts

This section of TekCarta contains 1000s of market forecasts that together cover the major aspects of the digital economy. Each table and every chart is provided in two formats: a handy .jpg that you can copy and paste into your document, webpage, blog or sharing site and a companion Excel file that you can download with one click.

Example markets include: mobile advertising, social networking, internet television, smartphones, social commerce, tablets, online newspapers and many more.

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3. Countries

Browse and search hundreds of detailed profiles covering leading tech markets around the globe. Do you want to know about social networking in Brazil? Or maybe mobile advertising in Germany? Or perhaps internet TV in China?

If your information requirements include questions like these, then this section of TekCarta will be a great place to start, especially as you can download profiles in PDF format.

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4. Companies

Containing detailed profiles on over 200 companies ranging in size from start-ups to major global corporations, this extensive resource covers the main segments of the digital economy industry including personal computing, mobile, social media, internet television and much more.

To provide you with the complete picture, we have selected a representative range of companies drawn from around the globe and along the value chain for each sector of the digital economy.

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5. Directories

A set of over 30 online directories containing thousands of companies actively involved in the digital economy. Conveniently grouped into industry sectors, each directory contains company entries for typically 68 countries.

If you want a list of newspaper publisher associations in Latin America, or a list of over-the-top OTT internet TV providers in Germany then this is the place to look.

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6. Analysis

Hundreds of pages of analysis on the key markets that define the many segments of the digital economy.

This resource does not just contain industry analysis of existing markets: you will also find powerful insights and detailed explanations of business models and markets that have yet to emerge.

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5,000 pages of data, forecasts and analysis on the technology sector.

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