Terms of Business

Report Delivery

Your report(s) will be delivered by means of an email which will be sent to the email address you identified when you placed your oder. To help ensure that our email reaches your Inbox, we suggest you check your SPAM and Junk Email settings to ensure that our domain (nakono.com) has been set to as a 'Safe Sender'.

The email will contain a download link(s) which will be valid for 48 hours beginning from the time the email was sent. You can contact us if you require a replacement download link(s).

The email containing download link/s will be sent at a time depending on the ordering method, as set out below:


Order MethodReport Delivery
CardOnline Purchase Up to 1 hour after your card payment has been approved
Order Form Up to 1 working day after your Order Form has been received.
Purchase Order (PO) Up to 1 working day after your Purchase Order (PO) has been received.
Order Form Up to 1 working day after your Order Form has been received.
Email Up to 1 working day after your email has been received.

Report Format

All reports will be delivered in electronic format as a Adobe PDF document with the following settings:

Password Protection No
Print Enabled Yes
Copy Enabled Yes
Search Within Document Yes

Reports can be supplied in a professionally bound hard copy format but this will attract an additional charge which will cover printing and mailing by FedEx/UPS.

Permanant Access to Reports

Once you have purchased a report, either because you have purchased an specific title or you have purchased  a subscription, then you will have access to that report permanently. You will be able to visit our website, log on to your account and then immediately access all previously-purchased reports.

Returned Orders

We reserve the right to return orders in situations where we feel it is warranted. In such situations, and if payment has already been made, then we will provide a full refund within one working day.

Terms of Use

By purchasing reports listed at www.nakono.com/reports you are deemed to have agreed with the Terms of Use for Reports.

By accessing content at www.nakono.com/portal you are deemed to have agreed with the Terms of Use for Portal.

Invoicing Arrangements & Payment Terms

If you order by (i) sending a Purchase Order (PO); (ii) completing an Order Form or (iii) by sending us an email, then our invoice will be sent by email to the designated email address. Please note that we do not send invoices by postal mail.

Except by prior agreement otherwise:

  • all invoices must be paid within 30 working days timed from the day of receipt.
  • you are not permitted to deduct any taxes or other sums from the value of the invoice 
  • clients must bear the cost of any fees incurred to effect payment by electronic transfer.

Please note that we cannot accept cheques.

Abuse Policy: Portal

If we become aware of a situation where your usage of Nakono is not in accordance with the Terms of Use then we reserve the right to block access to our site for an indefinite period, either for a individual user or a whole company, without giving warning or reason. Restoration of access and the reactivation of account/s will be entirely at our discretion, based on the nature of abuse we have identified.

Separately, we reserve the right to block access to our site by any individual or company who we feel is benefitting from our content to an extent that is at our disadvantage and/or the disadvantage of other users.

Cancellation Policy

Owing to the nature of our products, we are unable to accept an order cancellation after a report has been delivered or after access to our portal has ben granted.

If you have any doubts whether our content will meet your needs please call us at +44 (0)208 144 7073 before you place your order or contact us.

Refund Policy

We are confident that you will be satisfied with the quality and value of our content. However, if you are not happy please contact us and let us know why as we may be able to provide a full refund.


The country you entered in the "Cardholder Details" section when you created your account is used to determine your VAT liability, as set out in the following table:

European UnionAll Other Countries
If you are based in the United Kingdom... VAT will be charged at the prevailing rate.
In 2012 this was 20%.
VAT is not relevant:
You do not pay VAT.
You do not supply a VAT number.
If you are based in any Other EU Member State... VAT will not be charged.
You are required to supply your VAT number, if you or your company has one.


If you are not happy with our content then please contact us or call at +44 (0)208 144 7073.

In situations where we have made a factual error we will work quickly to correct the error.

Governing Law

These Terms of Business shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. The Parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts in respect of any disputes which may arise concerning these terms.


Our content is prepared to provide general information about various aspects of the technology sector. The information embodied with our content does not, and is not intended to, constitute investment advice, or an offer or solicitation of interest in respect of the acquisition of any securities or shares, or the provision of investment management services to any person in any jurisdiction in which such solicitation is not authorised, or to any person to whom it would be unlawful to make such a solicitation.

Whilst due care and attention has been used in preparing our content and the sources used as the basis for such content are believed to be reliable, Nakono Ltd. makes no guarantee of the accuracy of the associated information and disclaims any liability including incidental or consequential damages arising from errors or omissions.


Registered Office: Nakono Ltd
Petitor House
Nicholson Road
UK Company Registered Number: 9653906
UK VAT Registered Number: GB 218 6865 75
Tel: +44 (0)208 133 3261
Fax: +44 (0)208 711 3065
Email: enquiries@nakono.com
Web: www.nakono.com


Changes to our Terms of Business

We reserve the right to change these Terms of Business without providing notice.

Last updated: 19 August 2015.