Terms of Use: Reports

By purchasing reports from www.generatorresearch.com, an internet website wholly owned by Generator Technology Ltd. (“Generator”), or one of our authorized resellers, you are deemed to have agreed with the conditions set out below.

Content Ownership

An individual purchaser or a purchasing company (“Purchaser”) does not own the content of purchased Report/s. Instead, Generator owns the content of all Reports. Purchasers own Licence Rights (“Licence”) which define how the content of purchased Report/s can be used (“Allowed Uses”) and cannot be used (“Disallowed Uses”).

Allowed Uses

Licence: “Single Reader”

Licence: “Unlimited Readers”

The Purchaser of the Report/s or the individual who the Report/s was/were purchased for may:


  • View report content any electronic screen on an unlimited basis;

  • Print and photocopy a reasonable number of copies of the Report/s for personal viewing.

Any authorised user within the Purchaser company may:

  • View report content on any electronic screen on an unlimited basis;
  • Print and photocopy an unlimited number of copies of the Report/s for subsequent, unlimited  company-wide distribution and viewing;
  • Upload Report/s onto a centralised electronic resource/s, such as a departmental shared folder, an MIS system, a company library or a company intranet subject to access to such resources being limited to company-authorised users;

  • Subject to proper attribution (“Source: Generator Research”), copy limited excerpts of report content into company-owned media such as internal reports and presentations, corporate and client presentations, press releases, product brochures and blogs which may then be freely distributed on an unlimited basis using any printed or electronic method.


Disallowed Uses

Purchasers and users may not:

  • Engage in or knowingly facilitate either directly or indirectly the commercialisation of whole Reports or excerpts of Reports without prior written agreement with Generator. Examples of such disallowed commercialisation include the resale of Report/s or the insertion of advertisements into report content which is then freely distributed to unauthorised users. 
  • Change the content of Report/s without making clear that such modification has been made and by whom.

Special Conditions: Unlimited Readers Licences

  • The terms defined in the above table under Licence: “Unlimited Readers” apply to the company organisational structure as it existed at the time of the initial purchase and cannot be transferred to other structures such as might be created by mergers, acquisitions, divestitures or any other such change that could materially increase the extent of distribution of report content without prior agreement with Generator.
  • Unless otherwise agreed with Generator, in the case of large companies that might comprise multiple autonomous operating businesses that span the globe the licence rights defined in the above table under Licence: “Unlimited Readers” apply to the operating business that made the initial purchase (Purchaser) and cannot be transferred via the company structure into other autonomous operating businesses.

Governing Law

Unless otherwise agreed, this Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Any disputes which may arise between the parties concerning this Agreement shall be determined by the English courts and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of English courts for such purpose.

Version 2.3.9
Last Updated: 12 March 2013

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